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Watch a Weird Combination of Babies and Animated Ponies in the New Guts Club Video

This is like an 'America’s Funniest Home Videos' segment without the "boings".

by Noisey Staff
14 December 2014, 12:00am

It’s hard to tell what’s more disturbing in the latest Guts Club video for “All of the Babies”. Is it the creepy amount of infants sitting on a sofa or the almost phallic milk bottles and epileptic horses surrounding them?

The video and song come from the mind of Lindsey Baker who performs solo acoustic pop under the Guts Club moniker. Following on from her video for “Weird Boat” it seems Baker takes slightly weird but familiar grainy home video footage then draws illustration/animation around them. The result is a DIY crafty/America’s Funniest Home Videos vibe thrown in with some early 2000s anti-folk.

Ahead of the release of her forthcoming debut album, The Arm Wrestling Tournament we tried to find out more about Lindsey’s fascination with babies and horses.

Noisey: Whose babies are they?
Lindsey Baker: I think these babies belong to an exceptionally large and well-timed family out of Florida or Ohio, somewhere with a high percentage of fertility enthusiasts.

Are all babies beautiful? Brand newborns look weird.
If this was a sofa full of newborns, I would literally just faint. Can you imagine the flaps of placenta and shit goo everywhere? It would be some TLC Duggars shit/Wrestle Mania/ I'm gonna throw in cauliflower ear cause duh. I wouldn't faint, I would just die actually.

You sing about horses with a squeaky acoustic guitar. Are you a fan of Will Oldham?
In my mind this is a nod to George Jones and bitches who want to have a bunch of kids cause that's some real ass love, there.

Who did the illustration of the baby bottles and horses?
I did. I stay up watching Grey's Anatomy doing my special crafts and thinking about other people's weird babies.

"The Arm Wrestling Tournament" drops Feburary 10 on Important Records.

Check Guts Club performing:
Dec 10 – Philadelphia at the Fire
Dec 23 – Brooklyn at Trash Bar
Dec 28 – New York City at Rockwood Music Hall
Jan 20 – New York City at The Delancey

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