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Young Thug Discussed His Style ("Impeccable") and Gave His Best Interview Ever on Sway in the Morning

He talks about his family, his relationship with Lil Wayne, and working with Kanye West.

by Kyle Kramer
26 January 2016, 3:36pm

Screenshot via YouTube

Young Thug has become perhaps the most exciting figure in rap over the last few years, and, for the most part, he's done it entirely on his own terms (one reason he's so exciting). Even as curiosity about him has grown, he's largely been hard to pin down in interviews—in some cases because the interviewer was a drunk Tim Westwood—preferring to speak directly to his fans over social media. So it was a little bit of a shock that yesterday he walked onto Sway in the Morning and talked candidly and enthusiastically for more than half an hour, touching on social media beefs with Plies and The Game, sharing some thoughts about his relationships with Rich Homie Quan and Lil Wayne, discussing working with Kanye, and talking about his family life.

The interview opens up with Sway asking "How would you describe your style?" and Thug responding, simply, "Impeccable." And it goes up from there. Thugger expands on that remark about his style, saying, "It's going to be hard for simple-minded people to understand anyway" and elaborating on what he means by simple-minded people by saying, "You know like turds, peasants, those type of people."

Thugger also discusses his family—he's the second-youngest of 11 kids, and he has six kids of his own. He claims he's bought his mom and every one of his siblings a house, and he points out that, with around a hundred people in his immediate family, he doesn't really bother with many friendships outside that group.

Beyond breaking down his spats on social media with Plies and The Game and briefly talking about his split with Rich Homie Quan, he addresses the allegations that he was somehow involved in a shooting of Lil Wayne's tour bus, saying:

"This man's my idol. I really wouldn't beef with him. No matter what he says. He can say 'gay,' he can do whatever he want to do. I will not beef with this man. He's still like a kid, too. Me and him in the same shoes. He's always had money since he was little, so you've got to excuse some of the things he says. Me too. So me and him never had a problem. Him and Birdman, that's father and son. They weren't going to ever split… Why would I jump in what they've got going on? … That didn't have nothing in the world to do with me."

And he also talks about working with Kanye, noting that he can't discuss too many specifics about what they've done together because he had to sign non-disclosure agreements, but stating, "He's like 50 Shades of Grey. You want to know. He's interesting, and he's really into music." He added, "I think he's a guy that almost every man would want to be or would want to be like… including me." And, in a reverent tone, he concluded, "He's cool, caring, he has a real work ethic… If I was there I would still work, but I probably wouldn't work as hard as him. He works every day like he's an up-and-coming rapper." So there you have it: Young Thug might not listen to any music except his own and some of Lil Wayne's, but he's in awe of Kanye.

The interview also addresses Thug's love life, the reason he said he'd shoot at the reverend, and Birdman's texting habits: In case you're wondering, Birdman texted Thug "nephew stay on their neck" just yesterday morning, and he used to text Sway "100" regularly. According to Thug, "You know he old, but he be on the internet."

It's honestly a phenomenal talk, Young Thug as you've never seen him before. Watch the whole thing below. Oh and, FYI, Slime Season 3 is coming February 5.

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