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Hey Pals, We're Sponsoring Culture Abuse's Weekend Long Release Party in San Francisco

May 20-22. San Francisco. The Growlery.

by Noisey Staff
16 May 2016, 7:41pm

Photo Credit: Chelsea Muehe

We love Culture Abuse. Last month, the band released their kickass debut record Peach—we actually streamed it alongside an extensive feature on the band—and on May 20, the San Francisco band will throw a weekend long party and exhibition at The Growlery in SF. The idea behind the weekend is that the exhibition will showcase the bands growth through photographs, installations, and other visual art by members of the band. Culture Abuse will play multiple times throughout the weekend—and a pop-up shop with limited apparel will happen. We're a little bummed that the Noisey HQ is located in Brooklyn, but hey, San Francisco is only like six hours on a plane.......

Anyway, we'll see you there. Catch the details below and read our extensive feature on Culture Abuse right here.

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