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Bask in Your Own Depravity and Watch KCSB's "We're All a Little" Video

The Awful Records rapper and producer reminds us that we are all a little triflin'.

by Kyle Kramer
13 April 2015, 3:23pm

How do we begin to define our behavior in the modern age? What can we tell ourselves to cope with the pettiness and indignities that we visit upon each other while we slide into DMs and turn off read receipts and blow off plans to go do drugs in a park somewhere instead? Is there even a word for when we take two days to text back someone we just hooked up with the night before? Or when we just want to get naked and weird together? In the language of Awful Records' member KCSB, a.k.a. KeithCharlesSpacebar, there is! KCSB offers a simple explanation: We're all a little trflin'.

In his dark, deadpan song "We're All a Little," KCSB lays out a few bad impulses, a few self-critiques, and plenty of debauched behavior because that's what being trifling is all about. It's less than two minutes long, but, with its bone-rattling bass and incantation-like duet on the hook, it's a louche, enthralling portrait of 2015. "I don't call back 'cause I'm fake as fuck," KCSB raps at one point, before detailing his plans with certain thespian lesbians. It's full-scale sleaze, and it's awesome.

The video, shot by Myles Harris and Morian Thomas, takes the vibe and runs with it, flashing strobe-like images of an Awful house party, with cameos from several of the crew. Go ahead and embrace your trifling side and watch it below:

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