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Here's a Video of a Drunk as Shit Tim Westwood Interviewing Young Thug and Asking for Some Swag Juice

"We are getting turnt!"

by Kyle Kramer
31 August 2015, 6:18pm

Young Thug does not do many interviews. But if there is one interview personality worth breaking your customary silence for, it's noted UK rap slang enthusiast and radio host Tim Westwood, of popular YouTube channel Tim Westwood TV. And that's what we get here: Young Thug, looking amused as Tim Westwood calls him "fam" over and over again. There is no way to cover every ridiculous thing that happens in this interview, but, to quote Westwood, the "swag levels [are] off the freaking chain."

Young Thug wears a diamond-encrusted Apple Watch and responds to Westwood saying he's making a lot of heat with the comment, "A lot of drugs." Tim Westwood tells Thug that Lyor Cohen hadn't had a hit artist in a while previous to Young Thug, and Young Thug is impressed: "You heard what he said, Lyor? You hadn't had anything big over there in a minute. Until I came in." Tim Westwood spends a lot of time trying to get Young Thug's weed rolling guy to bring them some weed, and then he refuses to smoke it. Tim Westwood claims "We are getting turnt!" like a kid who just showed up at his first ever party with alcohol at it. He tells Thug do all his concerts a capella, and Thug responds, "A cappella Thugger up here in this UK. Real big business." Young Thug is a fucking legend. Tim Westwood is drunk. To quote him, "I could do with some of that swag juice this side of town, baby." Don't waste another second of your life. Watch this interview now.