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Watch Father's Video for "Everybody in the Club Getting Shot"

Filth and debauchery look prettier in pink.

by Kyle Kramer
05 October 2015, 5:36pm

Atlanta rapper Father and his Awful Records crew have had a breakout year of offering a debauched, sex-positive, druggy, unbothered take on music and art that's not worried in the least about fitting any comfortable notion of cool. They're hip-hop's merriest new pranksters in addition to sitting at the genre's aesthetic cutting edge, and the video for "Everybody in the Club Getting Shot," the standout single from Father's ridiculously fun project Who's Gonna Get Fucked First, is perhaps the finest statement they've offered yet.

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Outfitted in all pink and rocking a strong socks with sandals look, Father is the ringleader in a deeply sexual club circus that involves a lot of people fellating gun barrels. A bullet that reads "#TYBG" is fired into the sky. Cunnilingus is simulated. Everyone twerks on everything. Archibald Slim mugs for the camera. Spin the bottle takes on a more nefarious edge. The video just premiered on MTV (pretty heavily censored for TV, alas), the latest indication that Father and co. are worth your time. Still don't believe me? Let this video titillate you into submission. Filth and debauchery look prettier in pink.

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