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Glasgow’s Vital Idles Present Sunny (With A Slight Chance of Rain) Pop

Their music may have been described as 'janky' but the four-piece master pure imperfect pop.
27 July 2015, 8:44am

Sunshine, shorts and popsicles are not what you usually associate with Glaswegian indie pop, but “Chains” the new video for Vital Idles follows the four-piece as they hang out in a park on a lovely summer day.

Taken from their 12-track demo cassette, the song bops along at a jaunt led by the deadpan delivery of vocalist Jessica Higgins. It’s a track that is dry but poppy. Someone described it as ‘janky’. If it was recorded 35-years earlier it would likely have ended up on hometown pop label Postcard.

These guys are new, they haven’t played all that much but judging from the tape and video they are a band to keep an eye on.

We had a quick chat to Jessica to find out more.

Noisey: Where was the video filmed?
Jessica Higgins: In Manchester when were down there to play a show with Vexx, Sauna Youth, Sex Hands and Monotony for our friends Comfortable On A Tightrope who put out the cassette. We'd been recording some new songs with Edwin Stevens (Irma Vep), the night before so were feeling a little... you know...! And then we nipped to the park near Nick's house in Heaton Moor for a stroll around. It's a nice park, it has a nature trail!

It looks like it was a nice sunny day.
Yeah, well we were super lucky to have a string of nice days when we were down in Manchester because it's been an AWFUL summer. It made a nice holiday really.

Can you drink beers in public parks in the UK?
Unfortunately no. You can't drink outside at all unless it's a bar that has a license and even then only until ten o'clock. Yesterday we were playing at a cricket club so it was a little like a park and we were allowed to drink outside then.

Vital Idles’ cassette is available now.