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Chaos Compliments Beauty in Jackal Onasis' New "You Should Listen To Your Nurse (No Sleep)”

Hear a track from their extremely lush EP 'Big Deal Party.'

by John Hill
13 June 2016, 2:32pm

Photo by Steve Bone

We pretty much live for push-pull dynamics in music, parts that should push away from each other but instead compliment nicely. Bands like New York's Jackal Onasis take this dynamic, and charge it up to huge heights. Today they're premiering a new track, "You Should Listen to Your Nurse (No Sleep)" off their much less wordy, equally punchy EP Big Deal Party. On its surface, the song feels simple enough, the baked-in complexities in instrumentation buzzing through as it continues. The guitar line is tuned for sludge, giving the song a nice, heavy texture like a suped-up Autolux. The rest of the song shows the band harmonizing up a nice melody, adding a contrast to the rest of the music. At the core of the sound, it's a dynamic they make strides in, both singers bouncing their voices off each other over the thickness of the music to a pureness of sound.

Pre-order 'Big Deal Party' right here.