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Tanned Christ Are Not Your Typical Hardcore Metal Band

Yeah, you've heard that one before but they REALLY aren't your typical hardcore metal band.

by Noisey Staff
10 April 2015, 1:53am

Image: Jaclyn Paterson

Sydney’s Tanned Christ are a hardcore metal band that tries to avoid the typical clichés and tropes that come with the genre. The long sleeved shirts they sell at their gigs look like something you’d score on Hypebeast and they have a thing for Toblerone.

The Marrickville four piece lobbed us a couple of sneak peeks from their upcoming debut LP that we are premiering below. If you are into abrasive hostility turn it up. Just be careful you don’t accidentally pull the headphones out of your laptop as your colleagues will be jumping under their desks.

Noisey: You seem to be fans of the long sleeve shirt.
Christopher Davies: At the time we did those long sleeves the only people doing them were not "KVLT LORDS", they were Tumblr producers and guys putting on techno nights who were doing fresh takes on a previously gaudy item. It's not our agenda to appear as a staunch hardcore or metal band. The attraction was because they were so trendy among people outside of hardcore and metal. I wanted those people to buy the shirts even if they hated our tunes, and I wanted heshlords to call us hipsters. AW 15' collection coming soon!

Does your singer ever get confused for Drew from Oily Boys?
Yeah that comparison has been made before, especially when they both wear their Tanned Christ long sleeves! That band was sick RIP.

The album is called Antipodean Sickness. Does this have any direct meaning?
It's generally about doing hardcore/metal in Australia. I also just like the way it will look on a fresh long sleeve or pocketed short sleeve with back print.

You've played quite a few shows at Black Wire records. How important is the store/space for Sydney punk/metal scene?
Everyone in Tanned Christ has done a band that has, at some stage, done time at Black Wire. The place is the only DIY space in Sydney and will literally give anyone a run, punk/metal/pop/RnB/whatever, provided they aren't a dick. Nowhere is more important; keep it alive. It's also an important stockist of Tanned Christ long sleeves, and will be the flagship store for our upcoming AW'15 collection.

Catch Tanned Christ and their long sleeved shirts:
April 10 – Sydney at the Chippendale Hotel with MSV BCP and White Dog Hotel
April 24 – Sydney at the Red Rattler with Torso (USA), Baby Machine, Thorax and Canine

Tanned Christ’s debut album will be available later in the year.