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Watch Drake Bring Skepta Out to Perform "Shutdown" at London's Wireless Last Night

Papi's grime fascination got realised big time.

by Joe Zadeh
04 July 2015, 9:04am

Drake topped his headline performance last night in London by bringing out Tottenham's very own Skepta for an absolutely fire cameo. Man's never been in Wireless when it's shutdown eh?

It's been public knowledge that Champagne Papi's had a longtime love for the grime, citing Brixton MC Sneakbo as an influence on Take Care, and posting clashes on his Instagram, most recently writing a little ode to the Skepta V Devilman classic. Then the feeling became mutual when Skepta sampled Drake's "Truss mi daddi!" vine on the intro of "Shutdown".

But all that was fully eclipsed by last night when Drake headlined Wireless in Finsbury Park to a crowd of nearly 50,000, and brought Skeppy out as a surprise guest to perform "Shutdown". Understandably, the London crowd lost their absolute shit.

Big up UK rap and grime channel Link Up TV for capturing the best video of the performance. Watch it below.