Stream So Laid Back Country China’s New Album of Dusty Canyon Rock

This is music about falling out of windows and it's beautiful.

19 July 2016, 4:22am

When we premiered Wellington, New Zealand's So Laid Back Country China’s “Garden Lost Child Pt 2” last month we weren’t quite expecting the level of interest and feedback it generated.

For a relatively small band, from a relatively small country, the reaction was surprising. Enquiries about the four-piece and their laconic and sprawling music came from the United States, the UK and the Ukraine.

So when the band asked if we’d be keen to stream their new album Sin Cristales alongside a preview of the limited edition zine that comes it, we answered with the simple one worded, HELLYEAH.

Released July 28, Sin Cristales is the band’s second album and sees them taking a slightly different direction without losing any of the free falling and lackadaisical charm of their earlier material.

To celebrate Sin Cristales release the band will perform live throughout New Zealand’s North Island in August.

Listen to the album and read some insight into the zine from the band’s Michael Kean.

The record is about falling, out of windows, without glass. This is the view from the room in my house where most of the songs were written; the building blocks my view of the city, creating an isolated feeling. The photo was taken on my Olympus Trip.

The first page is Kane and Kate (lovers) with their 1982 Mazda 323, at the Wellington dump. The picture seemed to make the line sting a little, the happy couple. The second page is Harriet and myself at the Blue Barn, posing with the upright used on the record. For reasons to be seen, standing on pianos has become a theme throughout the imagery. The photos were taken by Freddy "I Drive Your Truck" Fullmer on black and white 35mm.

This scene is the abandoned lot outside the Levin Save Mart. It was taken on a grey day while heading back to the city, hunting for concrete. This is one of the sadder songs on the record and the image stuck to me.

'Sin Cristales' is available July 28 for name your price at So Laid Back Country China's Bandcamp page and streaming on Spotify.

Catch So Laid Back Country China at these shows:
5 Aug - Auckland at Whammy Bar
6 Aug- Hamilton at Nivara Lounge
12 Aug - Wellington at San Fran
13 Aug - Palmerston at 13th Snails