Future and Ciara Made a Beautiful Love Song Together

It's called "Anytime," and it's making us all weep in the office.

03 February 2014, 5:25pm

"She makes me laugh. I make her smile."

This is perhaps lowkey the most romantic thing that anyone has said about anyone else, and because Future said it about Ciara, everybody freaked out because they are in love and it is amazing and proves that perhaps we will not, in fact, die alone, but instead in the arms of someone who loves and cares about us as much as we love and care about them. We love Future and Ciara's relationship because it gives us hope. Because they are famous musicians in love, they recorded this stunning duet entitled "Anytime," which we as an office have colllectively made a blood pact to play at our weddings. This also means that everyone can stop complaining about Future covering "Drunk in Love" without CiCi. She can't drink, because she is pregnant with Future's child, so why would she make a song about being drunk on anything, even love? Quod Erat Demonstrandum, motherfuckers.