A Heaving, Hammering Mix by Hannah Lockwood

Let one half of Sydney duo Phile hurl you, head first, into the weekend.

by Gabby Bess
23 March 2017, 5:50am

Meet Hannah Lockwood: audio engineer, producer, and one half of the Sydney-based techno duo Phile, with Gareth Psaltis. Flying solo today on this mix, Hannah puts forward a unique style of aggressive and upbeat electronic music that has secured her a place among the rising stars of the East Coast techno scene. The mix is a perfect concoction of harshness and rhythm to get you in the mood for dancing until the early hours of the morning this weekend.

Listen to the mix below, and take a look at the tracklist below that. Hannah plays this Saturday at Freda's alongside Chunyin (live), Enderie (live), Jikuroux and Body Promise for Come and Enjoy a Body Promise. View the Facebook event here.


Kyoka – "New Energy Shuffle"

British Murder Boys – "Dead Sun"

Kane Ikin – "Packet Loss"

A Made Up Sound – "Take The Plunge"

Objekt – "Agnes Demise"

Hieroglyphic Being – "Liquid Sex (Portable R)"

Rabih Beaini – "A Different Angle"

Thomas William – "Decisions Decisions"

Tackle – "AGR 803"

Tzusing – "4 Floors of Whores"

DJ Stingray – "Temporary Bond"

Hodge – "Amor Fati"

Russell Haswell – "Gas Attack (DJ Stingray Atropine Mix)"

PVS – "Fuckin Society"

Low Jack – "Flashes"

Dusk – "Fraction (Kowton Remix)"

Follow Hannah Lockwood on Soundcloud here.