This Is What Happens When Museums Use Snapchat

The Los Angeles County Museum of Art is sending out some killer fine art zingers, like Rodine sculptures adorned with Beyonce lyrics. Just don't screenshot.

by Mike Sugarman
25 August 2014, 3:08pm

In good news for high culture enthusiasts, the Los Angeles County Museum of Art has gone all-in on Snapchat, juxtaposing classic artworks with cheeky Internet humor. As reported by Hyperallergic, LACMA's passion for social media and Snapchat's new geotagging tool converged for a perfect storm that allows LACMA to share its art well outside of the bounds of Los Angeles. It may not be the first museum to use the tool, but it's arguably the funniest on our feed.

Snaps from LACMA have featured all of the killer fine art zingers the LACMA staff has been sitting on for all these years, meaning that a Rodin sculpture is finally adorned with a Beyonce lyric. Just don't be the person who screenshots. Not cool. 

h/t Hyperallergic


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