New Miami Label Rear View Hits the Sweet Spot Between Jersey Bounce and House

Also, check out some cool photos of Diplo, Brodinski and Eli Escobar the label founder DZA took from his car's rear view camera.

Nov 19 2015, 10:49pm

DZA (Adrian Douzmanian) is a Miami legend, with residencies at the city's hip-hop party Peachfuzz, gigs all over town, and a spot at one of our Miami Music Week parties earlier this year. The DJ used to have a zine where he took photos of friends and artists with his car's rear view camera, appropriately called Rear View. Now he's started a label with the same name, with the goal of offering an outlet for all the great talent in the city, so that artists "don't feel like they have to go to New York or LA to exist," as he put it to the Miami New Times.

The debut release on the label will be the single "Get Into Something," by mysterious newcomer LTENGHT. It's a real corker, hitting the sweet spot between lush commercial house (in the best way) and distorted jersey bounce, with a looped, persuasive vocal sample that sounds will wake even those boring AF people up. The aim of the track was simple, as LTENGHT explained to THUMP via email: "'Get Into Something' is a dedication to Miami nightlife, where parties end at 5am, and kids don't ever plan ahead," they offered. "LTENGHT wants you to juke into the club, grab a member of your sexual preference and get into something."

Stream it below, and check out some of our favorite photos from the Rear View zine after the jump.



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