Markus Schulz and Grube & Hovsepian Just Remixed "Safe And Sound" Into an Insane Club Anthem

THUMP has the drop on the trance legend's new genre-bending club destroyer.

Apr 22 2014, 1:00am

Markus Schulz is a certified trance legend and an esteemed "unicorn slayer." Being both of those things, he has the juice to take a pop-friendly record like Capital Cities' "Safe And Sound," call up his friends, the buzzing EDM duo Grube & Hovsepian, and craft up a club anthem so massive it could wiggle the needle on a Richter Scale. This remix is the first release from Schulz since his recent fifth artist album Scream 2, which is still causing permanent damage to people's ear canals.

Hit play on the exclusive premiere of this genre-melding remix so you can be all like "told ya so" when this beast starts being blasted on speakers from Timbaktu to Kalamazoo.

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