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Watch Vince Staples Talk to Nardwuar About Peeing Himself and Being Compared to Malcolm X

"Wow, technically yeah, Ja Rule saved my life."

by Phil Witmer
06 March 2017, 8:02pm

Vince Staples is part of the generation of rappers who've grown up with the distinctly forward interview stylings of Canadian folk hero Nardwuar the Human Serviette, so it only makes sense that it would be a thing to behold once they crossed paths. Sure enough, it's not even a minute in this new interview before Nardwuar asks Staples about an incident where he pissed himself in a wave pool.

When I was a kid... I peed on myself because I started drowning and I got scared and I was like "I'm about to die." And Ja Rule and Ashanti "Always on Time" was playing in my head and then the lifeguard picked me up on his shoulder and walked me out and then I ate a sandwich with my mom.

Naturally, when asked if he realizes that Ja Rule saved his life, Staples realizes this is correct ("...featuring Ashanti, you gotta give her credit."), but hasn't Ja always saved our collective lives?

Nardwuar also produces a 1965 issue of the left-wing American publication The Militant featuring Malcolm X on the cover, which prompts the often-political Staples to jokingly respond with "Damn, do I really come off this crazy with this shit?" The rest of the interview is just as funny and sharp, so watch it all below.

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