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Is This The Weirdest iPhone Case Ever? A Cover That Imitates The Green Grass Of Toyko's Yoyogi Park

iPhone covers just took a turn for the surreal with a series of cases that look and feel like the lawns of famous parks.

by Kevin Holmes
07 May 2013, 3:23pm

If you own an iPhone, you're either one of those people who likes to keep it scratch-free by putting it in a cover or you like to keep it bare (my preferred choice) and let the design do the talking. If you're one of the former, you have an endless choice of (let's be honest here) pretty lame covers.

Well all that's about to change (for better or worse, depending on how much you like grass), with a range of iPhone cases that imitate the lawns of iconic parks. Yep, that's really happening and we are way past April 1. Shibaful, designed by AG Limited (who, according to a Google Translate of their website statement are a "fabrication company in the next generation"), is a phone case made using "electrostatic flocking technology" to look and feel like the grass of Toyko's Yoyogi Park. It looks almost like a Surrealist sculpture—and it's the first of a World Parks series.

Next upsays the company's CEO Kenichi Iinoto be immortalised in iPhone case form is the lush (or not so lush, depending on the weather) lawns of New York's Central Park and London's Hyde Park. "The green color is really fresh and easy on the eyes, too. Another part of the concept is that you'll sometimes want to turn your iPhone over, and rest your eyes by looking at the green." Iino explains.

So, for those moments of total stress overload, just zone out and rub your phone on your cheek and pretend you're lying down in a green park with not a care in the world. 

[via Digital Info]