That Chance the Rapper and Childish Gambino Joint Mixtape Might Be Real

In a talk with Pitchfork, Chance confirmed that he's recorded "some tracks" with Gambino in Atlanta, but what about that Kanye album?
06 March 2018, 11:02pm
L: Rick Kern for WireImage R: Dia Dupasupil for Getty Images

Who hasn't felt something listening to Childish Gambino and Chance the Rapper's "The Worst Guys" during a warm summer day? The two amiable rapper/singers have long hinted at a fully-fledged collaborative project together, and the world may be getting closer to that reality.

In a talk at Chicago's Museum of Contemporary Art that was part of Pitchfork's In Sight Out series, Chance confirmed that he and Gambino, a.k.a. Donald Glover, have met up in Atlanta (naturally) and have indeed recorded an unspecified amount of music together. No release date or any other details have been given, and as per usual, just because rappers say they've made tracks doesn't necessarily mean those songs will ever come out, but it's heartening to know that they exist, nonetheless.

Elsewhere, Chance spoke about Kanye West, who he seems to still be cool with, and the progress being made on the record that West has still intermittently called TurboGrafx 16. Chance is vague, as seems to be customary for those involved with the creation of a Kanye album.

That being said, there is an incredible tidbit where Chance describes West calling upon "one lady who worked on The LEGO Mov__ie" and a literal magician to discuss how to make the rapper disappear on stage. It's the most insight we've received on Kanye's process so far since learning he camped out in the Rockies and it's no less strange. You can read more about Chance's talk here.

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