We Asked You to Caption This Photo and Boy, Did You Deliver

23 March 2018, 11:13pm

In this new photo series, we're collecting some of our favorite photographs and want your help captioning them. Every week, we'll throw a new photo up on our Instagram and cull the best captions that capture the current mood.

This week, we featured a photo shot by Julian Master that tackles a divisive and emotionally charged facet of American life—air travel. At a time when airlines are failing their passengers, and our pets, this picture of a guy using VR mid-flight got more than 2,000 responses. Although all of them were awesome (and mostly porn-related), we could only pick a few to feature on VICE.com.

Here are some of our favorites:

  • Sir it's time to put away all electron... THEY ARE MY EMOTIONAL SUPPORT VIRTUAL REALITY GLASSES!!—@lheals79
  • Now boarding to Cleveland... Bitch I'm already in Aruba.—@aciaccia
  • When your crush passes by you and you try to act normal—@_ana__88
  • They’re prescription, OK.—@meetyourcoach
  • After discovering the last copy of SkyMall@joanna_kulesza
  • Define a "real emergency..."—@wmanville
  • Todd has been hit by driverless cars in the past. He's not taking any chances this time.—@corlerwer
  • The new radical emergency exit training protocol.—@jetsmyth
  • I knew I shouldn't have had that cornea transplant in Singapore.—@two_coast_ghost
  • It wasn't until 30,000 feet somewhere over the Great Lakes did Glen realize he needed to seek help for a porn addiction.—@mrjak1979
  • Charging tablet for human Uber...—@chronic_cross
  • They told him with his bonus flyer miles he could fly virtually anywhere in the world.... he just wished they had been a little more clear.—@lakesidejosh
  • I still don't understand why nobody ever sits next to me.—@papa_demps

Check VICE's Instagram next week for our next installment. Check Julian Master's website and Instagram for more of his photos.

This article originally appeared on VICE US.