Saba and Chance The Rapper's New Song is an Ode to Going Offline

"LOGOUT," a Chance collab taken from Saba's new album 'Care For Me,' is another win for the Chicago rappers.
05 April 2018, 5:38am
L: PR; R: via

Saba has released "LOGOUT," a new song from his upcoming album Care For Me. The song features his fellow Chicagoan Chance The Rapper. The song finds Saba and Chano rapping about internet anxiety, fame and scrolling the feeds over a warm, spare, piano-heavy beat. It's wonderfully laid back and open, so basically the opposite of how being online feels. The last time Saba and Chance collaborated was on the 2016 track "Angels," taken from Chance's last record Coloring Book. "LOGOUT" is one of three collaborations on Care For Me, including songs with theMIND and Kaina. Listen to the song below.

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