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Lady Gaga's Las Vegas Residency Is Going to Rule

Her imagination knows no bounds – that combined with a Vegas budget means concert-goers are in for a real treat.

by Lauren O'Neill
20 December 2017, 11:39pm

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If you have ever been to a Lady Gaga concert, the news that she has cut a deal to perform a two year-long Las Vegas residency at the MGM Park Theatre will be a) no surprise at all, and b) music to your ears. Lady Gaga is a dream Vegas resident: she's a hammy theatre kid with triple threat chops, and a formidable live singer and instrumentalist. She's essentially Streisand and Spears in one package, and her show is going to be, objectively speaking, amazing.

According to Variety, the as-yet untitled show (which Gaga promises will be "brand new") will run for 74 dates, starting at the end of 2018, over two years, with an open-ended possibility for more dates. Variety also states that "The deal is said to be potentially valued at nearly $100 million [~£75 million], with the pop star clearing a million-plus dollars per show to lock in $75 million [~£56 million] over two years."

Via Twitter, Gaga said that it's been a "lifelong dream to be a Vegas girl," and from basically everything she's ever done creatively up until this point, you can tell. Las Vegas shows are the biggest, greatest concerts on earth, and Lady Gaga has one of the widest-spanning visions in pop, constantly invoking different sounds, artists, eras, and influences, to create an aesthetic all of her own. Her Vegas show, therefore, will undoubtedly be an outrageous and enormous spectacle: if there are no holograms, I'll feel short changed.

Of course, a world where a pop star in her prime like Lady Gaga would take on a Vegas residency might have been impossible to conceive of only a few years ago. Before Britney Spears stepped into the fold and gave the Vegas residency a much-needed dose of CPR, it was seen as an end-of-career destination. Now it's a coveted gig open to younger stars, and there's arguably nobody better suited to it in music today than Lady Gaga. I, personally, can't wait for the section where she invokes all of her most iconic past looks, emerging from an egg in a meat dress, under which she's actually just dressed as the biker version of a Biblical character. It's going to rule.

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