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Cardi B and Bruno Mars' "Please Me" Video Is Full of Theatre Kid Sensuality

The horny collab gets a visual full of desire, delivered with a wink.

by Colin Joyce
03 March 2019, 11:42pm

Back on Valentine's Day, Cardi B and Bruno Mars shared a collab called "Please Me" that felt perfect for the holiday: horny, performative, a little corny. Today, they're back with a video that only underscores all of those qualities. Title cards announce that it's set "Somewhere in Los Angeles, after the party," which means Mars and some friends are sitting at a diner, when Cardi and her crew walk in, setting off some choreographed flirting that leads to everyone driving down the expressways of LA in classic cars. It's directed by Mars and his frequent visual collaborator Florent Dechard, which makes a lot of sense, there's this neon camp that seems to follow Mars wherever he goes.

It's a bit weird to hear that aesthetic applied to this song—even if it's already in the song itself—there's something about that feels like watching two theatre kids dance up on each other. It's maybe just a little too sincere in its horniness. But hey desire's always a performance, who am I to judge? Watch above.

This article originally appeared on Noisey US.