WWE Reportedly Wants LaVar Ball on Raw and Nothing Has Ever Made More Sense

Loud and outlandish? Check. Shit talking? Check. Performative dance of doing something macho? Double check.

by Liam Daniel Pierce
26 June 2017, 12:26am

Brad Penner—USA TODAY Sports

A confluence of clues has led people to believe that LaVar Ball might be making an appearance tomorrow night on WWE Raw, and nothing, my friends, has ever made more sense in this crazy, mixed-up world.

According to a report by Pro Wrestling Sheet that hinges on anonymous sources, the wrestling powerhouse is interested in giving Ball a quick bath in the laser-drenched limelight. This Monday's event is to take place in Los Angeles, and with Ball having recently, gleefully watched his son Lonzo sign to the Lakers, he's certainly in town to do it.

The other clue that this might happen is that some attentive Reddit user found a clip from Lonzo's draft night livestream and pinpointed a moment in which you can hear Ball at least talking about Raw in some capacity. Just take a listen:

I am trying to imagine a better combination of things that could happen, and I honestly can't. On the one hand, you've got Ball, a loud, shit-talking braggadocio who seems ready to throw down at any given moment, but probably won't actually back it up, save a kind of performative dance that only slightly resembles an act of doing something actually macho and then on the other, you've got the WWE, which is comprised solely of those things.

Even if you're a Ball hater, and want to deprive him of any more showtime, so as to stem his rapidly-expanding ego—maybe you'd just want to watch him get fake punched for a while. That could also happen. Maybe Ball should just make a career out of this thing. He's the perfect heel.