Chicharito Levels With Portugal 1-1 with Flying Header

Chicharito doing what Chicharito does best.

by Liam Daniel Pierce
19 June 2017, 12:24am

Screenshot courtesy of FS1

The Confederations Cup is the business. We've got one team per continent in a kind of minimalist World Cup, and therefore some big matchups come at you fast. Like Portugal vs. Mexico. Portugal may have Europe's undies in a twist (they won the Euros off of some B.S.), but historically, the Americas have been able to deal Portugal a nasty kick in the shins.

Portugal showed up early with a couple of dangerous opportunities—namely a called-back goal due to not one, but four Portuguese players offside. (God bless the implementation of replay technology.) But then, Mexico somehow forgot that Portugal has some chump named Cristiano Ronaldo on their team. Once he got the pass, they suddenly remembered and decided to collapse three of their defenders on him. Bad move because Ronaldo is also pretty good at passing. Don't leave an open man on the back post.

Well, with what little possession Mexico has had, they scraped together a sloppy pair of crosses to get Chicharito doing what he does best:

We've got a tie ballgame at the half. Stick around for updates.

UPDATE (12:53pm EST)

Portugal went up 2-1 when Cédric Soares chipped Mexico's keeper Memo Ochoa after a solid buildup in the 87th minute. It was Soares' first international goal. But Mexico was persnickety and leveled yet again deep into stoppage time thanks to a header off of a corner kick. Hoooweee. And this is just the beginning of the Confed Cup...

(And now Russia is improbably at the top of Group A.)

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