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This Kind of Punishment's Brilliant Early 80s Records Are Getting Reissued

Two pieces of New Zealand's unique musical history are set to be reissued on vinyl for the first time.

by Tim Scott
10 December 2017, 7:32am

Entry points into New Zealand’s fertile, early 80s music scene usually follow the melodic and jangly pop route of The Clean, The Chills and The Verlaines. But after a little digging, most listeners will discover the Jefferies brothers and their wonderfully unique act This Kind of Punishment.

San Fransisco label Superior Viaduct are set to release vinyl reissues of the band’s 1983 debut self-titled album and their 1984 self-released record A Beard of Bees.

This Kind of Punishment began as an experiment pop act by Graeme and Peter Jefferies after the dissolution of their project Nocturnal Projections. Using violin and piano, their music called on The Velvet Underground and a lo-fi drone, minimal guitar and dark vocals at times sounded like Lou Reed if he was from New Plymouth rather than New York.

Originally released on the legendary Flying Nun label, their debut has drawn a cult following for its poetic and sparse arrangements. Their second LP, A Beard of Bees, was recorded over 18 months, and released as a private pressing and later through Flying Nun. It has been out of print for almost 25 years.

Listen to two tracks below, "After the Fact" the haunting opening track to the the debut and the aptly named "Trepidation", from A Beard of Bees.

'This Kind of Punishment' and 'A Beard of Bees' will be reissued on Superior Viaduct in 2018.

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