DJ Tennis Has Served Up Another Ace of a Remix and You Can Stream it Here

The Italian producer's helped Man Power launch his new label with a bang.

Oct 12 2016, 10:29pm

It's fair, I think, to say that we live in an age of hitherto unimagined selfishness. Which I'm really concerned about. I'm less concerned with your thoughts on the matter, though. Obviously.

And it's not just me who's aware of this sociological phenomenon. Man Power, aka the only producer in dance music who managed to make the move from Newcastle to Monterrary, has decided to launch a brand new label called Me Me Me. Good for him! "It stands to reason that if I'm calling my new label project Me Me Me, then I should be the one doing the talking," he told us. "Deejaying has to contain a bit of selfishness, as it's all about playing the music that you love, and other people listening. It's a simple step to go from choosing the music in a club, to choosing music for a record label."

If he doesn't mind us doing a tiny bit of talking ourselves, we'd just like to quickly say that the debut release on the label, Man Power's very own Tachyon EP is great, and we're incredibly happy to be bringing you an exclusive listen to DJ Tennis' lovely and low-key re-rub of the title track right below.

Oh, and if you're wondering what a tachyon is, you're in luck. "A tachyon is a theoretical particle that's faster than light. If they were to exist then their presence would have an effect on our perception of time, which is what the vocal in track is trying to discuss. I like the thought of how time is just a perceptory element, like in the way that similar experiences can feel like they last a lifetime, or can be over in just a moment."

Now, back to me...

Man Power's Tachyon EP is out now on Me Me Me. You can grab it here.

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