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Disciples Follow Up "How Deep Is Your Love" with Fiery Tech-House EP 'The Following'

Stream "Mastermind" and catch up with the killing-it South London clique.
15 September 2015, 4:08am

Tearing out of the gate with a collection of remixes for the likes of MK and Lana Del Rey, the South London outfit Disciples officially arrived in 2014 with their original tune "They Don't Know," a soulful UK house classic that fits both underground and meanstream palates as it worked dancefloors all over the world.

Since then, the trio has continued to strike gold, taking none other than Calvin Harris to the deep end and the top of the charts with the appropriately labeled tune "How Deep Is Your Love."

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Now ahead of an upcoming North American tour in October, as well as a number of gigs alongside Calvin, and even a DJ gig at the MTV European Music Awards, Disciples are ready to drop their next original release: The Following EP.

The London-based trio have let us in on "Mastermind," a jackin' cut of hypnotic tech house that will gets your blood boiling and sneakers stomping. Check it out and check out what they have to say on Calvin, the underground, and the South London come up.

THUMP: What was it like to work with Calvin Harris on your last single?
Disciples: Calvin is great to work with—he's a very efficient guy and knows what he wants while also respecting our own process. We had sent his "How Deep Is Your Love" for feedback and he suggested we finish it together. Best decision we ever made.

How do you go about releasing music that's underground sounding but also approachable to more diverse ears? Is this a deliberate process?
We don't think about underground or overground, we just make what we make and find the right way to put it out. Some record will lean more towards the club naturally but we don't let that effect the process. What it is, is what it's meant to be.

What were some clubs you guys cut your teeth to going out in South London?
South London was a fun place to grow up. Ministry of Sound was a main spot, but we were more into the house party vibes where you play tunes your discovered to your mates, trying to get on up on each other. Half our lives are spent in the club now, it feels like we're on a constant night out.

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