Prins Thomas Readies A Massive, Three-Volume Tribute to Paradise Garage

The Norwegian nu-disco producer is unleashing a can of choice cuts, and it's called Paradise Goulash.

Sep 17 2015, 6:35am

Norwegian nu-disco producer Prins Thomas isn't afraid to stand side-by-side with his heroes, be it by name-checking proto-techno innovator Manuel Göttsching in the title of on one of his earliest releases (cheekily called "Goettsching"), or issuing an official remix of Roxy Music's seminal "Avalon" (with fellow Oslo resident Lindstrøm) once the rest of the world caught on to his Instagram-filtered take on classic disco sounds.

The Scandinavian DJ's latest release, a three-CD mix set that comes on a USB stick packaged in a soup can, offers a dada-esque nod to New York's legendary Paradise Garage. By proxy, Thomas grabs hold of the long tail left by the club's deified DJ, Larry Levan, although he doesn't attempt to duplicate any of the original cuts that made Levan's sets at the Garage so memorable.

Paradise Garage forever

Instead, Thomas takes inspiration from Levan's adventurous spirit, compiling three separate sets that touch on distinct styles. The first is a retro-leaning adventure into abstract cuts by artists you've almost certainly not heard of (try the track list below). Disc two and three offer the sort of house and techno Levan would likely have played had he not passed away in 1989—Ricardo Villalobos, Robert Hood, DJ Harvey (as RV Cock)—before melting into a mix of psychedelic sounds that closes with Kurt Vile's gauzy freak-folk "Baby's Arms." Paradise Goulash is out via Eskimo Recordings in October.



01. Turns - Forever More Pt. III
02. Gabor Szabo - Galatea's Guitar
03. Brian Bennett Band - Drum Odyssey
04. Aqua Bassino - Ibiza
05. Claude Speeed - VIN
06. Sun Araw - Ma Holo
07. Richard Schneider Jr. - Samba-Trip
08. Mistral - Starship 109
09. The Durian Brothers - Weggeputscht
10. Zazou Bikaye & CY1 - Lamuka
11. Berliner Ring - El Amarna
12. C Cat Trance - Dalbouka
13. A Split - Second - Scandinavian Bellydance
14. TM404 - 303/303/303/303/606
15. RVDS - Nerds
16. Len Leise - Dance Of The Ghosts
17. NSI. - Nikita
18. Wally Badarou - Voices
19. Jan Akkerman - Tranquilizer

CD2 01. Bjørn Torske - Nestor
02. Actress - Xoul Particles
03. Son.sine - Upekah
04. Hakimonu - Cadence 1 / Native A
05. Donato Dozzy & Tin Man - Test 7
06. I:Cube - Falling
07. Hieroglyphic Being - Imaginary Soundscapes 9
08. Forever Sound - Glowworm
09. Odd Numbers - Riviera
10. Dreamatic - I Can Feel It (Enzo Elia GFR Edit)
11. SW. - Untitled
12. Pev & Kowton - Low Strobe
13. Joachim Holm & Alejandro Mosso - Tre Melodi
14. Robert Hood - Drive (The Age Of Automation)
15. Abdulla Rashim - Moral Blinds
16. Dirty Jesus - Don't Fuck With My Shit (RV Cock's Black Cock Mix)
17. Marcos Cabral - Sweet & Sour
18. Box Saga - Zen And The Art Of Deadlines
19. Bjørn Torske - Nitten Nitti
20. Les Big Byrd - Roundhouse Blues


01. Ü - The Subdubba Beat (Stockholmia Glue Mix)
02. Petar Dundov - Sailing Off The Grid|
03. Louis Haiman - Ghosts Of Gratiot
04. Evigt Mörker - Högre
05. Morphosis - Silent Screamer
06. Sebbo - Watamu Beach (Moritz von Oswald Rework)
07. Young Marco - Biology Theme
08. Luke Abbott - Modern Driveway
09. Ricardo Villalobos - Defixia
10. Zadig - Quiet Orbit Around Gladia
11. Marcellus Pittman - The Mad Underdog
12. Stefan Vincent - Fool Me Again
13. Blacknecks - Don't Dream It Be It
14. Siriusmo - Liu
15. Il Guardiano Del Faro - Ma Ci Pensi, Io E Te
16. Johanna Billing - This Is How We Walk On The Moon
17. Krater - Labyrint
18. Kurt Vile - Baby's Arms

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