First Look at the ‘Hunger Games’ Theme Park Attractions

Includes a recreation of District 12 and a roller coaster resembling the Capitols high-speed trains.
04 November 2015, 12:49am
An artistic rendering of the Hunger Games-themed zone at the Motiongate entertainment complex in Dubai, via New York Times

Hey Hunger Games fans, want to go on a hovercraft tour of Panem and hang out in District 12? Earlier this year we reported that Hunger Games theme park attractions were heading to Dubai, and now we’ve got some more details about what to expect.

The $3 billion entertainment complex is currently under construction and is set to open next year. In true Dubai style, it’s going to go all-out. Upon entering the gates of the Hunger Games zone you’ll be able to stroll around a recreation of District 12, complete with costumed characters and IRL versions of Peeta Mellark’s bakery and the Hob black market. You’ll be able to go on a simulated hovercraft tour of Panem and ride a roller coaster that resembles the Capitols high-speed trains.

The entertainment complex will also include areas dedicated to other Lionsgate films such as Twilight, __Step Up, Divergent and Now You See Me. What's more, it has been confirmed that similar _Hunger Games/_Lionsgate attractions will be opening in Atlanta in the US and Macau in China by 2019. Unlike some other studios such as Disney, Lionsgate are not building the attractions themselves, rather, allowing external companies licensing rights to use their stories and characters.


Confirmed: 'Hunger Games' Theme Park Attractions Are Heading to Dubai

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