Photos of People Having a Good Time
VICE Weekends Presented by Weis

Photos of People Having a Good Time

Summer is the best time of the year and there’s nothing more special than documenting that.
28 January 2017, 6:21pm

This article is part of our VICE Weekends summer series, presented by Weis

Pat Casten is an up-and-coming photographer out of Melbourne. Over the summer she took a stack of photos of her friends, chronicling small moments from much longer days. Her portraits are an ode to being completely yourself—a shameless celebration of having a good time and not caring too much.

From time spent catching some vitamin D on a rooftop in South Yarra to doing DIY shoots in a Brunswick backyard, then dancing at an outdoor rave in St Kilda as the sun sets. Basically, it's all the best parts of summer.

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