Runway Models Covered in Animation | GIF Six-Pack

Some of these outfits are silly. Some are pure sci-fi.

by Beckett Mufson
05 March 2016, 8:05pm

Images courtesy the artist

Fusing fashion and Photoshop, Greta Larkins, a.k.a., FASHGIF, imagines a wild fashion world without the need for rules like "gravity" or "conservation of energy." She injects professional photographs from magazines and events like Fashion Week with her imagination, yielding models with ever-changing rainbow eyebrows and tops with prints that jump right off the fabric. Hers is an incredible application of remix culture, from which both the original artworks, both fashion and photograph, and her own creative pursuits benefit. Each GIF latches onto a central aspect of the clothing or the framing of a shot and extrapolates an absurd extreme, changing the way we look at the original work itself.

Check out some of her best loops from Fall 2016 NYFW and beyond.

See more of FASHGIF's work on her website.


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