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Don't Worry, a Bamboo Skyscraper Would Be Very Strong

CRG Architects unveils "Architect's Village" a collection of towers that mimics a natural bamboo forest.
26 August 2015, 10:00pm
Images courtesy CRG Architects

Rethink the way we build: what if we stopped cutting into our forests, and started recreating them? Say hello to Architect’s Village, the bamboo skyscraper from Carlos R. Gomez and his team of designers at CRG Architects (the same firm responsible for the recently featured Steel City ‘containscraper’ concept). The idea behind this urban high-rise shows a multi-tiered collection of towers, varying in height, with the tallest unit peaking at 200 meters (656').

Each tower would be broken up into 20-meter-high sections or levels. Taking cues from the German-Chinese House at the Shanghai Expo 2010, the pillars that line the building’s foundation are made up entirely of bamboo and held together at joints by stainless steel, an element essential to its construction as well as its aesthetic. “The purity and beauty comes from the contrasting naturalness of the bamboo with the precision of the stainless steel connections and the covering of the clear synthetic protection—thin film vinyl walls,” the firm states in a press release.

The designers looked at natural bamboo forests while plotting the skyscraper, ecosystems wherein a wide range of standing trees coexist, creating an overlapping network.

In June of this year, the firm announced on their website that their Bamboo skyscraper project had been shortlisted as a finalist in the World Architecture Festival Awards (WAF), in the category of “Future Projects.” The project was subsequently exhibited at the Westminster University of London as a part of the London Festival of Architecture, a satellite event to the main WAF which will take place in Marina Bay Sands, Singapore in November of this year. During this time, the team at CRG will present their project to a international panel of judges. Should the project win their category, they will proceed to the final round where they will re-present their concept to a “super jury” that will announce the Future Project of the Year on Friday, November 6th at the WAF Gala dinner.

Keep your eyes on the skies for this one—check out more of Architect's village in the renderings below:

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