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J. Prince Says Drake's Response to PUSHA-T Would've Damaged Careers

The Houston record executive is still standing by the fact that another Drake response exists.

by Kristin Corry
05 June 2018, 11:58pm

Screenshot from The Breakfast Club

It looks like J. Prince is giving the world the press run we wish we were getting from Drake. Last weekend, the Houston record executive revealed that he told Drake not to respond to PUSHA-T's disrespectfully good record, "The Story of Adidon." Today, in an interview to promote his book, The Art and Science of Respect, with The Breakfast Club, J. Prince is standing by the fact that another Drake response does exist and that it would've been damaging to quite a few careers.

"He definitely was cocked and loaded," he said. J. Prince even tells The Breakfast Club that he and Kanye spoke on the phone about the beef. "This could've been a career-ending situation where he's concerned, and also could've damaged a whole lot of livelihoods where people are concerned." DJ Envy prods for further clarification on if it would be career-ending for Kanye, and J. Prince says coolly, "For sure, he would've been twisted with this one. It wouldn't have been good for Pusha either."

The Drake/PUSHA-T beef is getting stickier by the minute. Does another Drake record exist or is this an attempt for Drake to save face? If what J. Prince is saying is true, it would certainly provide some context for Kanye's surrendering tweet.

Not only are we left to imagine what the alleged record sounds like, but also left wondering what dirt could Drake have on Kanye West that could indeed end his career, even when his own "free-thinking" didn't.

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