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Straightjacket Nation Deliver a Harsh Hand of Mean Hardcore

The Melbourne punks return with their second album of cult hardcore.

by Noisey Staff
16 March 2017, 5:25am

The cult of Straightjacket Nation is very real. Since 2004, the Melbourne band – who feature members of Pisschrist, Total Control and The UV Race – have delivered raw hardcore that draws on Cleveland and Boston styles as well as the experience of living in regional and metropolitan Australia. 

It is harsh and vile music that has developed a rabid, and well deserved following in the Australian and international hardcore scenes.

Though their releases have been infrequent, today they release their second LP via Cool Deathin Australia and LVEUM in the rest of the world.

The self-titled album contains tracks like "10K Chavs" and "Harsh Hand" that dig deep in the Straightjacket psyche and "Power It Up" is just as mean and menacing on record as it is in a small venue with knees in your back. 

'Straightjacket Nation' is available through Cool Death and LVEUM. 

Image: YouTube