Meet the GIF Artist Turning His Dreams into Cinemagraphs

Statues use smartphones and chain link fences become birds in the mind-blowing GIFs of A.L. Crego.

by Nicole Walsh
11 August 2015, 10:00pm

Images courtesy the artist, via GIPHY and Tumblr

GIF artist A.L Crego believes the medium will one day "rule the world.” Utilising impressive loops to directly represent his very own mental images, Crego, who uncovered his passion for the artform after recognising how the moving images made people think faster and more accessibly than other forms of art, creates images with a sort of sci-fi classical aesthetic. The results depict statues on stone smartphones, chain link fences becoming birds, and typewriters that seem to be speaking for themselves in a way that often feels like they're images culled directly from his own subconscious.

Utilising all his own original content, Crego also collaborates with various street artists in a bid to “give motion to their pieces.” Tied to the creation of GIFs—rather than any specific software or hardware he can get his hands on to make them—it comes down to “people, books, quotes I write, poetry, sociology, psychology," and more for his inspiration. Now something of a heavy-hitter when it comes to the GIF making industry (as evidenced on sites like GIPHY), Crego has been approached by various DJs, artists, and agencies who are all interested in getting their own personal work made. 

Check out some of his work below: 

For more on A.L. Crego and his striking GIF art, visit his website.


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