23' Tall 'Strawzilla' Rises in Japan | Insta of the Week

No longer terrorizing Tokyo, the giant lizard pays a visit to the countryside.

by Beckett Mufson
05 November 2016, 2:10pm

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The awesome visage of Japan's most notorious reptilian export stands seven meters tall in Chizuken, a 30,000-citizen-strong town in the Fukuoka prefecture. A group of 20 artists and 150 volunteers constructed the straw replica of Shin Godzilla for their annual Dōntokagashi harvest festival, according to Anime News Network. They spent four months designing and constructing the beige leviathan, embedding LEDs in its face in lieu of radioactive laser breath, and outfitting it with a 33-foot-long tail. The monument to the iconic kaiju was woven from bamboo and hay starting on October 2, wrapping up on Halloween. Chizuken will be safe from any straw moths, three-headed dragons, or robot dinosaurs that come to town during the Dōntokagashi festivities: like a supernatural scarecrow, "Strawzilla" will be on guard throughout all of November, returning to the straw equivalent of the sea in early December.


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Chizuken's Dōntokagashi harvest festival begins November 5, so keep an eye on Chizuken's hashtag for more pictures of the beast terrorizing / protecting locals. Follow The Creators Project on Instagram to find more wild and crazy artwork you'll love.


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