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DJ Khaled Made Mother's Day T-Shirts

Move over, Hallmark.

by Michael Scott Barron
09 May 2016, 12:17am

Image via We The Best

Yesterday was Mother's Day, which to many people means a phone call to mom. To DJ Khaled, however, Mother's Day has prompted another of his aphoristic "keys to success" — business.

"Mothers are the major key to success" Khaled wrote on Twitter, linking to a page where you could buy the shirt posted above. Khaled's name is conveniently printed on the front, so mom's can know who said the quote. And just to reinforce the limited nature of the apparel, the page features a clock counting down the number of hours you have left to buy it for your mom, or yourself, or anyone in your family—the range of sizes and fits are limitless.

Khaled is no stranger to marketing. His We The Best clothing line features an array of items with Khaled slogans embroidered on them, from "key to success" socks to "bless up" thongs (shoes).

Khaled is currently performing as Beyoncé's DJ on her Formations tour.