Hear Ticklish's Playful Bootleg of Ciara's "Oh Baby"

From the Berlin producer's 'Reboot 4' out next week.
09 January 2016, 4:19am

Photo courtesy of Ticklish's Facebook

Any DJ worth their salt knows that playing a Ciara song—whether it be "1, 2 Step," "Body Party" or something else—at the right time, can take the party (no matter how small) to the next level. Rabbit mask-wearing, Berlin-based producer Ticklish knows this, and that's why he decided to include his playful edit of the singer's "Oh Baby" on his upcoming Reboots 4, the latest in a series of releases "celebrating covered and uncovered R&B gems."

"Whenever I think about club music, for me there was always Ciara. As a huge fan of 90s R&B, she is one of the few that became an iconic personality," says the artist. "So when I heard this new tune by her, with the minimalistic instrumental, I instantly felt the urge to rework that in to something that would work in my sets."

Download the reboot below and grab the whole collection Jan. 13 for free on Ticklish's Bandcamp here.

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