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Grab Those Black Rimmed Glasses For ‘Anthology Of Emo: Volume One'

But will the second volume be as good as the first?

by Tim Scott
11 October 2017, 12:10am

Rainer Maria. Photo: Chris Baroner/

Featuring interviews with members of the Promise Ring, Dashboard Confessional, American Football, The Get Up Kids, and more, Anthology of Emo: Volume One, is a new book that traces some of the key players of emo's early days.

Edited by Tom Mullen, host of the WashedUpEmo podcast, the book compiles the best stories from the podcast including chats with Christie Front Drive, Mineral, Knapsack, Texas Is the Reason, and The Van Pelt, and features rare and unseen photos.

In a press statement Mullen says:

My dream for all of this? That the history of emo isn't just mentioning eyeliner, white belts and black hair dye. That's definitely part of the history, but not the whole history. The genre deserves a serious take without the internet jabs and condescending reviews. Emo's history was snagged by one era—that I love some of the bands from—still to this day, it's held on with that notion of being a joke, phase and, heaven forbid, nostalgic. Reading these interviews, regardless of your favorite era, should hopefully give you a wider sense and appreciation for the word and the genre as a whole.

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