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Firewalker's Hardcore Is Going To Wipe You Off the Floor

The Boston band have released their demo and promo tape on vinyl through Pop Wig.

by Noisey Staff
17 July 2017, 5:58am

Following a well-received demo and promo tape, Boston's Firewalker caused a stir with their furious take on 80s hardcore that took the spirit of Revelation Records' The Way It Is comp and ripped it through the shredding, death metal-like vocals of Sophie Hendry. It was a wild and brutal approach and tracks like "Sicker Than You" and "Don't Cross Me" sounded like both panic and euphoria.

Pop Wig have just released that demo and a new self-titled EP onto a single 12" and the band will soon be going on a run of US east coast shows. Check the dates and listen to the album below.

Firewalker 12" is available now through Pop Wig.

Catch Firewalker at these shows:

Aug 18 - Montreal at La Vitrola
Aug 19 - Toronto at Faith/Void
Aug 20 - Detroit at the Sanctuary
Aug 21 - Chicago at Minx Mansion
Aug 22 - Cleveland at Yellow Ghetto
Aug 23 - Pittsburgh TBC
Aug 24 - New Brunswick at In the West
Aug 25 - Boston at the Middle East
Aug 26 - New York City at Brooklyn Bazaar

Image: Angela Owens/Pop Wig