Women in Net Art

If 'Blade Runner' Was Kawaii, It'd Look Like This

There's something sinister hiding behind the cuteness.

by Nicole Ruggiero
23 May 2018, 2:25am

All images courtesy María Teresa Aravena. Collages by Lia Kantrowitz

This article is part of our Women in Net Art series, a weekly column curated by artist Nicole Ruggiero. Read more articles from this series here. This article originally appeared on VICE US.

This week we're featuring María Teresa Aravena—who also goes by Marítei—a 24-year-old digital artist from Chile. Where to start? I stumbled upon this amazing creature's Instagram very recently. There is seriously so much detail in her work—I absolutely love it. I don't know if I could ever make a piece with so much going on and have it be half as stunning as Marítei's work. It's so beautiful, and she definitely redefines "internet princess." I feel like I'm entering her 3D castle every time I look at her work.

I asked Marítei to share some of her work and fill out a questionnaire to help you get to know her better. Keep scrolling to get to all that. Marítei also designed a custom Snapchat Lens for VICE readers.

To unlock it, click here or find her Snapcode down below!

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