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Clockwork and Avatism Link on Bold New Side-Project, CW/A

(No, not THAT Clockwork)
23 February 2015, 11:30pmUpdated on 24 February 2015, 4:43am

It's always a gamble when studio partners veer from an established sound to explore new musical territory, but for childhood friends Clockwork and Avatism, or Francesco Leali and Thomas Feriero, the progression has been completely natural thanks to a relationship that extends beyond the studio."Our parents were friends before we were even born, so we've known each other since we were really small," says Clockwork (not to be confused with the RL Grime alias). "We were both making music, decided to try some stuff out, and ended up liking working together. It just made sense to perform and collaborate under another moniker."

Their new project CW/A is a genre defying operation that treads through live settings and intricate studio work. Their sophomore EP Day of Riddance will be available on March 2 through their own imprint Parachute Records. The offering includes remixes by friends and fellow producers Lucy and Dario Zenker. "They're artists we look up to, so it made us happy to have them on the compilation," says Clockwork. The EP's title track "Day of Riddance" is a pounding, hypnotic dose of grungy techno. You can listen to it above.

CW/A was initially presented at Sonar Barcelona in 2013 as a live version of their respective individual debut albums, Adamant and B.O.A.T.S. The project quickly evolved into spontaneous live performances that focused on experimentation with techno, jungle, and electronica. "Sonar was basically our two albums blended together in one hour. We both thought it would be way more interesting if it were a live show," says Avatism. "The sound is inspired by a lot of '90s drum and bass and harder electronica. Drumming, percussive oriented music?artists like Machinedrum. It's very different from what we used to make," says Clockwork.

The pair debuted with the four track EP Conducting the Method, which was released through Vakant last September. They two have been performing live together ever since. "It's very personal. Some people still define us through music we used to make and were confused when the record first came out. This new project is our way of avoiding being pigeonholed a certain way," says Avatism.

CW/A's forward thinking, darkly enticing techno has been well received. "We went against the grain, but it's panning out?we're getting included and have been asked to play festivals," notes Clockwork.

Day of Riddance is what's up next for the duo, but that's not all they have planned for 2015. There are more live shows featuring new visuals on the agenda, as is a lengthier record. "We're working on a new album right now," says Clockwork. "It will be out by the end of the year, December at the latest."

CW/A has undoubtedly taken both producers into tough musical territory. If their recent success is any indication, fortune favours the bold.

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