All-Star Weekend

Klay Thompson Shoots Out the Lights, Wins Three Point Contest

The wetness.

by Liam Daniel Pierce
14 February 2016, 9:48pm

This article originally appeared on VICE Sports USA.

It had to come down to one of the Splash Brothers, didn't it? Last year, Steph Curry took home the title as lord of the realm behind the arc. But tonight belonged to Klay Thompson, who absolutely blacked out and woke up with a trophy in his hand, missing only seven shots out of 25, tallying for a record-tying 27 points. The only other person to reach 27? Steph Curry last year.

Going into the matchup, the field of eight was whittled down to Klay, Steph and a 19-year-old Devin Booker as the final three, and poor Booker—who did good to make it through a tie breaker—ultimately didn't stand a chance. Check out how each player has done in the regular season so far.

But Klay put up a performance akin to his out-of-his-head 37 point quarter from last season, rattling off a full bar from his final rack of "money balls." The whole ordeal was enough to make Steph threaten to never participate again.

Somehow, I have a feeling Steph'll be back to reclaim his title next year.