Celebrating the Backyard Paddling Pools That Make Summer in the City Bearable
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Celebrating the Backyard Paddling Pools That Make Summer in the City Bearable

Photographer Sarah Pannell captures her best mates getting splashy.
20 January 2017, 7:46pm

This article is part of our VICE Weekends summer series, presented by Weis

Sarah Pannell is a Melbourne-based photographer with a knack for making everyday moments look anything but. Whether she's documenting a scene as seemingly simple as the exterior of a building or a winding road, her eye draws you in, capturing something equisite but hard to articulate. It's a rare kind of photographic alchemy, and it's seen her take home the People's Choice award at the IPF Festival twice. Her work just stands out from the pack.

Over the last few years Sarah has lived and traveled abroad, shooting the places and people she encounters for various exhibitions and zines. She's currently working on a number of long term projects in Australia and overseas, including one particular series based on Iran.

This summer though, she stayed home and turned her 35mm camera toward her friends and the makeshift pools they were floating in to the escape their too-hot-in-summer-too-cold-in-winter Brunswick sharehouses. It's a series of photos celebrating the backyard pool parties that redeem living in the city during the hottest months of the year.

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