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Google Street View's Days Get Numbered With An ASCII Art Version

It’s just like entering the Matrix.

by Kevin Holmes
31 July 2012, 1:12pm

You can do some pretty funky stuff with the interactive WebGL technology, but perhaps Ascii Street View is one of the coolest. It turns the familiar, static world of Google Street View into a twitching, Matrix-style ASCII art world, full of flickering text.

The project was created by Peter Nitsch from Teehan+Lax and lets you type in an address or location and pull it up on the map—then press “Green Mode” and wander around feeling like your Neo seeing the true nature of reality.

Not all locations can be pulled, but quite a few can and if you’re bored of spending office hours travelling the globe virtually on the normal Street View, then you’ve got a whole new world to explore.


Golden Gate Bridge

Inside the White House, Matrix-style

[via The Verge]


Peter Nitsch