A Microscopic Look at the City of Light

A self-described stereoscopic 3D "scientific and dreamlike documentary" like none you've seen before.

by Nathaniel Ainley
24 September 2015, 6:30pm

GIF by the author, via. Images courtesy the artist

French artist, producer, and CGI animator Antoine Delach just released a trailer for his upcoming stereoscopic 3D, self-described “scientific and dreamlike documentary,” Ghost Cell. The film shows a vibrant and bustling Paris cityscape covered in a veil of gray.

Delach imagines what it would look like to examine a living, breathing city under the lens of a microscope. “Ghost Cell is a stereoscopic plunge into the guts of an organic Paris seen as a cell through a virtual microscope,” writes Delach in the video’s description. The city is intact and functioning but appears as though it is slowly deteriorating, rotting away, and losing its skin. The animated city is consumed in a web of lines covering the architectural landscape in a loose grid. This web looks like it's measuring the physical dimensions of the urban constructs, like we're peering into the city and exploring it through architectural design software.

In the short teaser, we pass noticeable landmarks like Notre Dame and the Gare Du Nord train terminal. The film’s press release on Delach’s website indicates that the film is intended to be watched with stereoscopic anaglyph 3D Red/Blue glasses which will most certainly alter the viewing experience. Check out a few stills from Ghost Cell, and watch a trailer for the film, below:

GHOST CELL - TRAILER from Antoine Delach. on Vimeo.

The full, six-minute Ghost Cell is set to be released later this year. Keep your eyes on Delach’s vimeo page for updates.


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