Artist Paints Record-Breaking Line of Code

Five days and hundreds of feet later, the Twitter HQ wound up with a masterpiece.

by Sami Emory
24 June 2015, 12:30pm

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328 feet of binary code carpeted Twitter's HQ for Qinmin Liu's 5-day performance art piece, Coding. Working eight-hour days amid the company's more conventional coders, Liu steadily filled her narrow canvas with blood red binary code. As with her previous performances, like her proposal to trade kidneys for Apple watches, or her eight-hour human hunt, the San Francisco-based artist wants this binary marathon to command the attention of the tech-centric community of her adopted city. “Coding is a project that inspired by people in San Francisco [because] a lot of them are programmers or working in tech startups. 90% of them know coding,” she says. “But as an artist, I don’t really know what code is. So [I am using] art language to code and open a conversation with the ‘real code,' the technology, people who know technology and people who know nothing about it.” Watch Liu's hours of art-making compressed into a 54-second timelapse, and see photographs from the scene, below:

Images courtesy of the artist. 

See more of Qinmin Liu’s work on her website


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