Stacked Shipping Containers Become Street Art Giants

Stacked shipping containers bring these street art murals to life.

by Nathaniel Ainley
09 July 2015, 5:00am

Images courtesy of the artist. GIF by the author.

Images courtesy of the artist. GIF by the author.

Streets artists paint wondrous large scale murals on stacked shipping containers, raising the bar for new festival artwork this year. The North West Walls were featured this year at the Belgian annual music festival Rock Werchter, that hosted the likes of Pharrell, The Prodigy, and Muse. The collection of murals has been a ‘permanent’ installation at the festival since the Summer of 2014, and gathers different artists each year from all over the globe.

The installment is curated by Arne Quinze, a Belgian conceptual artists who recently built a series of rainbow stilt houses.  Through these giant paint installations artists use the arrangement of the containers to play with space and perspective. One of the contributors to the wall artist Fintan Magee, notoriously dubbed the ‘Australian Banksy’,  tells the Creators Project, “It was pretty challenging painting, I had never really done anything like it before but I was stoked to paint something that allowed me to step outside the traditional 2 dimensional mural format.”

See more of Fintan Magee's work on his website.

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