Show Your Khaki Scout Pride with These Wes Anderson-Themed Merit Badges

Wear your fandom on your sleeve with the new Anderson Scout Merit Badge patches.

by Beckett Mufson
22 August 2016, 12:10pm

Images courtesy the artist

You've seen all of Wes Anderson's films, you know about the Charlie Brown references in each one, and you can recognize his meticulously symmetrical composition from a single frame. You deserve something special to display your devotion to the cult of Anderson to the world, and Tracie Ching, a veteran of Spoke Art's yearly Wes Anderson tribute show, has just the thing. She's currently Kickstarting a set of 25 Anderson Scout merit badge patches, based on the Khaki Scouts in Moonrise Kingdom. So far she's revealed 12 designs, allowing fans to mark their dedication to fishing, baking, athletecism, painting, and other recognizable skills among Anderson's repertoire of quirky characters.

Right now, purchasing one of Ching's merit badges is only proof that you're as obsessed with Anderson's films as she is, but the artist hopes it will one day grow into a real scout troop. "Secretly I am harboring designs on a little club," she tells The Creators Project.

"At it's heart 'The Anderson Scouts' would be a group for quirky kids who love all things Wes to get together and have some fun with patches." A pledge of $6 to her Kickstarter will get you any one of the badge designs you see below, which are based on The Life Aquatic with Steve Zissou and The Grand Budapest Hotel, respectively. There are more designs on the way, which will be available at Spoke Art's Bad Dads in November. 

Donate to Tracy Ching's Anderson Scout Merit Badge Kickstarter here.


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